Is”fretting” a biblical response?

Psalm 37/Romans 13  Does the news cause you to fret? Yes, some of it isn’t reassuring. We find that we are asking ourselves: How did we get to here? Today’s psalm is a guide for how we are to respond to these events.  Listen to the wisdom that David shares. “I was once young, but now I am old…”. David shares some wise counsel to the younger generation, and it fits today right here and right now.  Like Job, David was noting that wisdom is found among the aged and that long life brings understanding.  One lesson David has learned and now is sharing is that fretting—”being worried or distressed or even resentful“—does not solve all of life’s problems. Instead, when we are fretting, we are seeking to play God not trusting Him to bring about His plan. David’s reminder: “God’s got this.”

David has learned many lessons from his long life and many years as a servant, a shepherd, and a king. Paul reminds us that there is no authority except by God’s appointment, he has instituted these, and they are God’s servants. Therefore, pay respect for whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.   The government’s sword is not just seen but is to be used to keep the peace.

The example of Paul and Silas being imprisoned without cause is an example for us to follow. As they sat in that dank dungeon cell, they did not fret but praised God. They knew that “God’s got this.”

If you are fretting, take a lesson from Paul and Silas and the wise counsel of David.  

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