What principles guide your life?

Judges 18-19 As the Israelites moved farther and farther away from Yahweh, people began to look for other means to bring them success. Unfortunately, the principle of pursuing God’s kingdom and his righteousness has taken a back seat. Meet Micah, whose name means “who is like God” as an example. He lived in the time when Israel had no king, and each man did what he considered right. He lived just a stone’s throw from the tent of God in Shiloh, but God’s word and principles were far from his memories of a holy lifestyle. Instead, if someone stole from you and you had the opportunity to steal back, it was rewarded with words of affirmation. How far they have fallen to have forgotten the Commandment: “Thou shalt not steal.” Micah steals, but instead of correcting him, his own mother “blesses” and has an idol made to honor his treachery. Then Micah bribed the Levite to stay with him offering ten pieces of silver per year. That loyalty lasted until a better offer came to the Levite. Micah then met his match in the Danites, who plundered an innocent town “just because” they were little and peaceful and when he faced them was told to “back off,” or he would face the same consequences.

These stories remind us of gang wars and the memory of Al Capone; bribery, murder, payoffs, and more. When God is absent, men’s hearts are evil continually as they look for prosperity, and the wealth and prosperity gospel takes precedence. We read about it in Noah’s day and now again here in Micah’s day and fast forward to today.

It is stories like this that should drive us back to God and His word. Proverbs 3: do not let mercy and truth leave you; bind them around your neck. Acknowledge God and follow Him in all your ways, and he will make your paths straight.

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