Have you been “hoodwinked?”

Galatians 3 believe2a

Galatians 3 “Hoodwinked means veiling the truth”

How often do we, like the Galatians, fall under the spell of smooth teaching of others when we fail to be a Berean to search the scriptures to see if what is taught is true? The Galatians had been, as we say today, “hoodwinked” by unscrupulous teachers. To get them back on track,  Paul asks 4 basic questions. We might ask these of ourselves as well.

(1) How did you receive the Holy Spirit? Was it by keeping the Law? If so we might as well disregard Eph 2 ‘it is by faith you are saved, not of works lest any man should boast.’ The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to us so that we might be sealed until the day of redemption; so that we might be indwelt by His presence teaching and illuminating us with truth; (2) How is God sanctifying you? Is it by works? If so then we have to disregard the example of Abraham who was counted as righteous not by works but by faith alone. Luther wrote regarding Abraham: “I believe what you say God.”  (3)How do you explain your suffering; was it for nothing? Or is it to glorify God?  (4) How do you explain the miracles amongst you? Do you give credit to man or God for these?

Paul ends with this truth: God justifies so that we might walk by faith alone. Is this you?


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