God Doesn’t Tickle Our Ears!

Pantomime with red heart on the pink background

Ezekiel 12-14  Marcel Marceau is arguably the most famous mime artist of the century. Using white face and dramatic eyes, he referred to mime as the “art of silence.”  In the quiet, the audience can reflect what the actor is explaining without words and cause dialog after. God had Ezekiel pantomime what was happening in Jerusalem some 900 miles away. The exile’s ears were being tickled by the messages of the false prophets: Peace is coming tomorrow!

Are your ears being tickled too?

God told Ezekiel:  “While they are watching dig a hole in the wall; while they are watching raise your baggage and carry it out in the dark; lastly cover your face as an object lesson of shame.” Jeremiah’s words should have come rushing back to their memories. Instead, people came asking, what are you doing?

Ezekiel’s mime gave them food for thought. Without words, they could watch, discern and heed God’s message of truth yet they still were a hard-hearted people. Even today men watch world events and ask: What is going on?

God used mime drama another time to reveal His eternal plan for our salvation. Christ died for our sins; He was buried and rose on the third day according to the scriptures. Do you believe this or are you saying; I will choose God tomorrow when it is convenient? God doesn’t tickle our ears. He tells us the truth:

We all are sinners. We all must choose God’s way to be saved.   

Pray for God to open your eyes to see, your ears to hear and your heart to understand this truth.


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