Suppose there was no tomorrow???

Do you realize that there may be no tomorrow…EVER!

How does that grab you?

2Chron 33 God's grace2a

2Chron 33 King Manasseh was evil to the max. God sent his prophets to speak to him but as this chapter reveals, he paid no attention to them. Fast forward; God decided enough is enough so he sent the Assyrians to take him to Babylon. There is nothing like hooks in your nose, bronze chains and extradition to a foreign land where you are faced with a prison cell, cold gruel, day-old bread, and water to awaken your senses and that is what happened to King Manasseh. He then “realized that the Lord is the true God” and repented. Not all prison sentences end the way it did for Manasseh but God in his mercy allowed his release and return. Not only was he released and returned but he was given his kingdom back!

There are some powerful lessons to learn here and it begins with how you pay attention to the Lord and His Word. Not only that but your sin, like his, affects your family and your children as it did with his son Amon who was as evil as Manasseh was in his earlier life.

The Chronicler records these words: the annals record all his sins and unfaithful acts, and identify the sites where he built high places and erected Asherah poles and idols BEFORE he humbled himself. Grab that last phrase: before he humbled himself.

Lesson: You can listen and repent now or you can do it later—but beware because

 God doesn’t guarantee there will be a tomorrow.


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