Prayerful Mindset

Col 4 prayer2One of the things I find most intriguing is that God loves to hear me pray which then brings me to a question as to why I am “disobedient” to be in unceasing prayer mode throughout my day. Perhaps it is best understood by seeing what Jesus did for the disciples. When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray He began with honoring the Father in heaven, followed by seeking God’s favor in the practical needs for others as well as self; followed by seeking God’s help in walking circumspectly—that is being prudent and discreet. [See Matt 6]

In Colossians 4, Paul asks that we utilize this as a principle in our time of prayer and it begins with a mindset to be devoted or steadfast and courageously persistent. We must beware of the tools of the enemy and be on the alert to his devious ways to distract us. And then our prayer life must include thanksgiving. Note that as Paul is writing he does not seek relief from his prison cell but rather that he may be faithful and prepared to proclaim the mystery of Christ which is the pure gospel message. Is this our prayer for the persecuted church today? Is this our prayer for those who need to be steadfast in their walk and talk? When we rise from prayer is there a change in our walk and talk as we interact with “outsiders,” that is unbelievers? Do we purposefully act and respond remembering that our actions and responses affect another’s acceptance or rejection of the gospel message? Do we consciously respond with words of that are gracious?

As we close our prayer time may we implore God as Solomon did: O Father, “be attentive to your servant’s and your people Israel’s requests for help and may you respond to all their prayers to you.”(1Kings 8)

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Come and join us as we wade through the NT, Psalms and Proverbs each day. Tomorrow is Psalm 50 with its wise counsel to be discerning about.

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