Compassionate Warning

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Paul’s compassionate heart is revealed in ch 1 for two women who are struggling. Now in ch 2 he reveals his “soft side” once again but it is for the church as a whole and not just the Colossian church but also the Laodicean church. Paul notes that they are currently living Christ-like lives but he warns that danger is ahead. It is in Revelation ch 3 and the letter to the Laodicean church that we find out what happens when we fail to obey the warning signs.

What was Paul warning these precious new believers about? It appears that there were those who were lurking in the church that wanted to captivate these believers with empty deceitful philosophy which was nothing more than “self-imposed worship and false humility.” Paul reminded these precious believers that all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are found in Christ. Beware of those who come seeking to lead you astray by wanting to add elemental spirits of the world, mystical visions and ecstatic experiences to the simple gospel message! They are much like Timothy Leary who advocated psychedelic drugs so one could “know God.” They seek to “deceive you through arguments that sound reasonable.” Beloved, we must be Bereans! We must examine the scriptures to see if what they are saying is truth so we can be discerning!

Sadly, the Laodicean church failed to heed the warning signs; Christ noted that they were negligent and found wanting. Beloved cling to this; in Him you have been made complete. Therefore, remain firm in your faith, discerning truth from error, loving the brethren, bearing fruit, and growing.

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