“What Voice Do You Listen To?”

2Chron 10 -12 Voices can be misleading, or they can lead to the truth. Take a page out of Rehoboam’s life. He is a foolish king who listened, not to the Spirit, but his “boys from the hood.” God gave him wise counselors, but he rejected their wise counsel on having a peaceful transfer of […]

Ye Shall be Holy

We often are reminded to be holy but what does that mean and how do we become holy? Lev 20 -23  The theme of Leviticus is holiness. Over and over the Lord spoke to Moses saying ‘I am the Lord,” You are to be holy. How can we know holiness? We know it through spending time […]

“Pearls of Wisdom”

In studying scripture and doing homiletics one is encouraged to be succinct. Homiletics is a tool to help you analyze a passage in scripture. It incorporates a succinct outline, succinct divisions and succinct biblical truths. One of the most challenging are chapters like Proverbs 10 because of its many pithy sayings. These provoke us to […]