“Pearls of Wisdom”

ImageIn studying scripture and doing homiletics one is encouraged to be succinct. Homiletics is a tool to help you analyze a passage in scripture. It incorporates a succinct outline, succinct divisions and succinct biblical truths. One of the most challenging are chapters like Proverbs 10 because of its many pithy sayings. These provoke us to think about how to practically apply what each says in our daily lives. Look at this chapter as God’s oyster filled with His pearls of wisdom. Just as the diver seeks to find the best pearl in the oyster so we must dig in His Word to find His pearl for each day.

One question that arises is why did the Holy Spirit not arrange this chapter or any of the following chapters so that we could study one topic in full? But, perhaps the answer is found here: “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, Line upon line, line upon line, Here a little, there a little.” [Is 28:10] Thus we learn best when we take in a bit, meditate upon it and then find that same tidbit further on which brings that same truth to light but given differently. For example:

Prov 10:1 says a wise child makes a father rejoice and Prov 23:15 says if your heart is wise then your heart will be glad. Same principle but written in a different way.

As you read Prov 10, look for the pearls of wisdom that the Holy Spirit will use to instruct you so that you might grow up and in turn instruct others. Let these words sink into your heart with the goal of applying 2Tim 3:16: all scripture is profitable for gaining wisdom in teaching (doctrine–biblical principles), reproof (rebuke), correction (challenging us to walk uprightly) and training in righteousness (that is the way of God) so that we may be capable and equipped for every good work.


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