Christmas and Mr. Scrooge

Titus 1-3 Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” long ago, but it is as if it were written today. There will always be the Scrooges in our midst. Paul doesn’t mince words  about the Scrooges Titus we would meet. These are rebellious, empty talkers, and the result is that they upset not just themselves but everyone around them. We too might meet such persons. They are the ones who say ‘humbug’ to all the trappings of Christmas and they were doing just that to Titus’ overtures. They profess to know God, but their very lives deny Him, and especially on Christmas. Have you met them? They are stingy and hardened. They say, just as Scrooge said, respect my decisions.

How does one handle the Scrooges? First, see that God has left us here to speak words of love to them about the love that came down from heaven to save men. Remember Scrooge’s nephew who went out of his way to be hospitable, but Scrooge rejected him? You might receive such a gesture, but the Apostle Paul says even to them, you are to be hospitable by not giving up. We are to hold fast and be faithful in word and deed. Indeed, do not malign them or demonstrate malice.

As Christ loved us first, we are to love others and continue to do that even if rejected.  And remember this: “Even God’s smallest plan is bigger than any dream we will ever hope for.” [Donna Van Liere: The Christmas Blessing]

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