1 and 2 Thessalonians “Prayer Warriors”

Paul, Silas and Timothy are true praying persons. No matter the situation, we can find them praying for this new fledgling church even after facing persecution in Philippi and now the Judaizers who followed them to Thessalonica. They are a reminder of the verse that says a three stranded cord cannot be broken or like Samuel who prayed for the Israelites and reminded them that he could not stop praying for them even though they desired a king and rejected God. 

Paul, Silas and Timothy constantly thanked God for the Thessalonians; their work of faith, their labor of love and their endurance in the face of persecution. That is the way to face afflictions that come our way because the enemy seeks to undermine and destroy the faith. Yet, the Thessalonians persevered and were a testimony to that perseverance. 

How about us? Do we persevere in our prayer life even when times are challenging. Do we thank God for the saints in our congregations and the missionaries around the world?  

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