Great is His faithfulness

Lamentations 1-3 God is…

The author is not named, but most scholars attribute this book to Jeremiah because of the many times he ‘laments.’ in his book. He laments the end of Jerusalem; he has been at this task for 40+/- yrs. The faithfulness of Jeremiah is a challenge to us also to be faithful no matter the circumstances. One principle is clear: In times of uncertainty, keep your eyes on God. Habakkuk said he would stand and watch, and Jeremiah echoes that same idea. Neither wanted to see the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple but trusted God to bring about these circumstances to awaken the people to know He is Lord and not some idol.

A sin to avoid is to allow yourself to lose heart in the midst of calamity. Instead, lift your eyes to the hills, for His redemption draws nigh. [Luke 21:28] Remember Jeremiah’s words: “Great is your faithfulness.” We sing that, but do we believe it?

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