Life isn’t fair, but God is! :-)

Psalm 108-109 Two sides of the coin
We have all heard the saying that there are two sides to every coin or two sides to every argument. So with that idea in mind, we look at these two psalms side by side. Ps 108 contains words that comfort and encourage, and Ps 109 is full of words that are stinging rebukes. So how do we face each and come away with words to guide us?

Psalm 108 speaks of waking up to a glorious day, and we rise and shine with thoughts of joy.
Psalm 109 speaks of one’s deep hurt and resentment at others who have sought vengeance against us.

It behooves us to read and then ask the Lord to guide us in our quiet time. Then, when we are dashing out the door and ready to meet any situation with words of joy, we can meditate on Psalm 108. If we are feeling put out by another’s humiliation of us, we can turn to Psalm 109 and see how David faced days like this. God has placed both of these here for us to read and prepare ourselves to meet the day ahead.

May our day be full of blessings, and may we not have to face intruders seeking harm in our space. Zechariah 2:5 is a prayer: put a hedge of fire around our families and us so that the enemy of our souls can not see us and harm us. (author paraphrase)

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