Humility receives its reward.

Be humble and God will bless

Joshua 19-21 Joshua mentored, led, guided, and persuaded the tribes to the Promised Land after being anointed by Moses. He finally steps up just as a parent to ask: why haven’t you taken control of the land that is left? And with that, the remaining tribes set off to survey the land. When all was said and done, the tribes settled in the land. Only one person, not a tribe, has not gotten their inheritance, and it is Joshua. He chose a city, and it was there that he “planted his feet,” and there he lived until he died. What a tribute to an honorable leader. He didn’t want his legacy to be land but a city. The name of the city speaks much about his character: Timnath Serah means the portion of the sun or abundant portion. As he shone in life, he shone in his choice and in his death. 

We can learn much from Joshua, but his humility stands out above all character qualities. What about you; what would you want as your legacy?

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