Beware of the Red Flags

beware and be blessed

Numbers 25: I have been thinking more about the story of Balaam and what God is teaching me through this story. It seems that God placed this story here to remind us/me of the ways of our arch-enemy, Satan, in contrast to the man of Psalm 1. In Psalm 1, God lays out the plan for His blessing. The King of Moab is that ungodly man. He knew that God was blessing the Israelites because they were more in number than his own nation, so he sought a way to curse them.

Red Flag #1: We must listen and obey the still, small voice of the Spirit of God. We must have ears to hear and discern so we can decline the enemy’s voice. How often do we compromise by saying I will just stand here and listen, just as Balaam did? God is not the author of confusion. He will never speak words that are against His character. 

Red Flag #2: Where will you stand? Balaam went and stood in the king’s presence. Like him, when we make this choice, it is getting harder for the Spirit of God to speak to our hearts.

Red Flag #3: Balaam sat in the presence of the King rather than moving away. Each time, Balaam was making it harder for the Spirit of God to guide him in righteous ways. And when we have reached that last flag, it makes it harder for the Spirit to speak and harder for us to listen.

Today we must choose the way of the Psalm 1 man model so that God can bless us and we can bring forth fruit. Beware of the red flags.

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