The Cost of Complaining

be ye thankful

Num 11-13 Where has God supplied your “every…thing?” Are you grateful, or are you still seeking more and more to satisfy today? That is the problem the Israelites had. They were seeking more and more and more, not realizing that what is given today, like the manna, only lasts for today. Tomorrow you need to go and gather more. You don’t save the leftovers from today for tomorrow because they will stink and rot. No, you need to go and gather each day which is a principle we need to glean. We glean today in our reading for today but not tomorrow. We must glean and gather truth each day. That is so contrary to how we think about our reading and meditation. It is for today to be gathered and rejoice in what God has given.

The Israelites missed that principle, and we do as well, and that is where complaining and grumbling come in. We fail to be grateful for the manna of today. In fact, it isn’t the manna but the quality of what God has given. We want meat, but we fail to realize that God doesn’t provide meat until we have savored and chewed on the manna thanking Him for that.

Today be grateful for the manna and chew on that.

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