Saved for Service

Saved for Service

Numbers 8:23-26 Work, Ministry, and Order

God spoke, and the world was created. God spoke, and men were created in His image. The phrase God spoke is noted over and over. Now, God speaks to Moses about many things, and he listens attentively.

God spoke about the Levites and what He designed for their tribe. They were to assist in erecting, dismantling, carrying, and the daily duties of sacrifices and offerings of the Tabernacle. They were to serve Aaron and the priesthood in their daily responsibilities beginning at age 30, but on their 50th birthday, they were to step down from this work. That seems very young to us, but perhaps it was not so in the time of Moses. Then, at age 50, they were to no longer be about the daily work but turn their attention to ministering to the needs of their colleagues in the tent of meeting.

Today we step down from work near the ages of 65 to 70. But, just as then, when we “retire,” it is not to sit down in the recliner, but we are to minister/serve the younger colleagues because God has given us the wisdom gleaned from those twenty years of work.

Where are you ministering to the younger generation? God has a place for you so that your wisdom gleaned in your younger years can be utilized.

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