“Unclean and Clean”

Jesus is willing to make us clean

Lev 13, Matt 8 For the last few years, we have experienced the stigma of being “unclean” regarding the pandemic. There has been a public outcry to be vaccinated and how to handle this to protect others. In some way, this scenario is much like what Hansen’s disease or leprosy was to the Israelite community. When leprosy broke out, those who had contracted it were separated from the rest lest it infects the community. The “in house DR.” or the high priest was to determine what the infection was, but the only treatment was isolation. Just as physical leprosy separates people, spiritual leprosy isolates us from a holy God.

That is why we see the full impact in the leper’s story, who was bold yet fearful as he approached Jesus. He came with one question: “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” [Matt 8:2] God has provided Jesus as our “in house Dr.” He is willing to reach out, touch us and cleanse us of our sins.

There are two questions: (1) Are we still walking around with our spiritual leprosy, and (2) Are we willing to approach Jesus and seek His cleansing? Where are you today?

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