Be Holy as God is Holy

Be holy

Lev 8-10
After several lengthy chapters on the Tabernacle, we come to the place of the consecration of the implements and the sacrifices. Each tribe was to bring a set of golden and silver dishes and also certain animals to be sacrificed. Aaron was consecrated and anointed, as well as his sons. Moses offered the sacrifices with great detail, and the Lord accepted them. Then we come to chapter 10, a horrific scene that included two of Aaron’s sons. We are not told precisely what Nadab and Abihu did, but God killed them and told Moses to have their bodies carried outside the camp. To be carried outside the camp was a picture of uncleanness. Further, Moses told Aaron he could not grieve.

This is a complex story but comes with it a principle: God has standards, and they must be followed religiously. Today we don’t seem to have a perfect measure, and if something is missing, it is not all that problematic. But God wants us to know that we are to be holy as He is holy. So there is no room for deviation. Over and over through the book of Leviticus, we will see that standard, and Peter also includes it. [1Pet 1:16]

Where are you shaving off a rule and not keeping it perfectly?

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