What kind of sandwich are you?

Faith saves but works prove

James 1-3 The Outworking of Faith

The Hebrews author reminded us that without faith, it is impossible to please God, but the question is how do others know our faith but by our works. Hebrews and James offer the example of Abraham as a picture of one who believed God, and it was counted unto him as righteousness. Others knew and understood the faith of Abraham and his belief by how he demonstrated that in real-life scenarios. The best example was his demonstrated faith in believing God not only could but would resurrect Isaac should he die. How about us? How do we prove our faith to others as we live and move in our world?

It is sort of like a p&j sandwich. Peanut butter and bread stick to your mouth, but when Jelly is added, the sandwich takes on a different character quality. No longer does the bread remain sticky, but it is complete not just in sweetness but also how it is palatable.

So, where are you a p&j sandwich to the world? Do they see and just “taste” the peanut butter sticking to the bread, OR do they taste and feel the difference when our jelly “faith” is added, so it becomes our faith-based works?

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