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Ps 58 & 59 “Please God!”

One of the difficulties many of us have when we read the psalms of David is his cry for vengeance. For a long time, this has been a thorn in our understanding of these types of imprecatory psalms. However, one thing we should note is that David relied upon God to handle his adversity, his enemies, and even as Ps 58 notes, corrupt judges. We do not see him taking the vengeance into his own hands as many are prone to do.

Why would David write such psalms? It is to show us that when we trust in the Lord we can live fearlessly and with courage even amongst the most crooked of judges, the most heinous of criminals who stalk the innocent. This is a lesson for us to bring our most painful of situations to God and seek His answer rather than taking matters into our own hands.

Today there are cruel taskmasters, cruel dictators, cruel despots, and misguided judges who offer up cruel sentences. They need our prayers to judge wisely. Begin to pray for them. Pray that the Holy Avenger will step in and lead them to rule wisely. Psa 94:1 O Lord, the God who avenges!  Then we will be able to rejoice as David: 59:16 “I will praise your loyal love in the morning. For you are my refuge and my place of shelter when I face trouble.”

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