Rock Climbing 101

Climb that rock

Ps 61-63 Wherever the psalmist is, he is in the pit of despair. He seeks God in prayer and asks that He “lead him up to a rocky summit where he can be safe.” [Ps 61:2] At the summit one can observe the enemies, the changes in the weather and your voice echoes down into the valley below. It is there that the eagle comes to rest as it overlooks the landscape for dinner. As the writer continues to pour out his heart, he is reminded of another time when he noted that his tongue is as skilled as the stylus of an experienced scribe. Here alone his voice sings forth the praises in prayer to God and he is comforted for at the summit he alone patiently waits for God, His deliverer; His refuge. [Ps 62:2]

Where are you today dear one? Can you relate to the psalmist? Get your gear ready and climb that mountain to meet your God.  

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