God is not like us; He says and He does…

Don't get ahead of God

1Kings 13 Contradicting messages…

We often say we will obey, but something comes our way, and we question what God has said. As our loving Father, God often gives us warning signs to beware. Take the story of the prophet sent to King Jeroboam of the consequences of worshiping idols. God confirmed His message to the prophet by having Jeroboam’s hand wither, and the altar broke. He obediently spoke for God and declined a meal and went home a different way--just as God said to do.  However, on his way, he met an old man who also claimed to be a “prophet” with a message that an angel said he should ignore that first set of instructions.

Warning Sign:

It was while he was obeying that God tested his obedience. He failed to return to ask God about what He has said. God is not a man who changes his mind. [Num. 23:19] The prophet rehearsed God’s message to the older man, but then he began to falter. Well, he said he is a prophet and he said he heard an angel speak. Beloved, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! And, like us, he did not check back in with God. So while dining, he heard this news:

You will die before reaching home–and he did.

Be forewarned; the adversary can use even what seems like righteous words.    

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