Seek the Lord BEFORE entering enemy territory

Seek God's wisdom

1 Sam 29-30 The might have beens…

David decided to go with Achish to fight with the Philistines but is rejected by them. Again, just as yesterday, we see how God protects us from our own foolish decisions. When David and his men return, they find the town they had been living in, burned and the women, children, and flocks captured by the Amalekites. Had David inquired of the Lord, he ‘might not’ have gone, and this disaster ‘might not’ have happened.

I think of people who decide to go into the enemy’s camp, like parties and gatherings that are not God-honoring, and where we are now vulnerable to wicked men’s ways. No matter young or old, we all need wisdom and discernment when we wonder what to do. When we fail that first step, we open ourselves up to the enemy’s ways for he is crafty and seeking whom he can devour. [1Pet 5:8]

There is a lesson to be learned here; before you step into the “camp” of the enemy, seek the Lord’s direction; ask Him for wisdom and discernment; should I go or not? David learned what ‘might have’ been avoided and soon after he sought the face of the Lord in prayer. A third lesson is this: Jesus Christ has given us freedom, and now we are to teach others how to be discerning so they can be protected from the enemy Satan.

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