God is NOT a lucky charm

just remember, it is not a religion but a relationship God wants

1Sam 4-7 It is a terrible day in the neighborhood! The Israelites are soundly defeated in a physical battle with the Philistines and wonder why? Had they taken time to sit before the Lord, He would have revealed the reason: “I am the Lord! That is my name! I will not share my glory with anyone else or the praise due me with idols.” [Is. 42:8]

How like us! We ask the important “why,” but do not wait on the Lord for His answer. Instead, like them, we impulsively think we will be saved if we do x, y, z. They thought if the Holy Ark of the Covenant was with them they would be saved. We sometimes think if we carry some replica of Christianity, God will alter the outcome of our battles. God is not a lucky charm!

So, God allowed the Philistines to capture the Ark, which they put into the house of their idol god, Dagon. Interestingly, they knew Israel’s God was mighty. They knew the story of the defeated Egyptians yet continued to trust in their idol Dagon rather than seek Israel’s God. When God is revealed do you continue on as before or do you accept Him as the one true God? Like them, you can know “about” God, but you lack his presence and power if you do not “know” Him.

God is not a lucky charm.  God gives us a choice; you can continue just knowing “about” Him, or you can choose to “know” Him. Which will you choose?

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