Do Not DISHONOR God’s Anointed

do not dishonor God's anointed

Numbers 16 Rebellion of Korah

As children, we played a game called follow the leader, where the followers mimic the leader’s actions. Elimination happens when you fail to comply. In today’s story, Korah challenged the leadership of Moses. He sought to usurp the leadership by placing himself in the “I” position. When we think or say, “I know better!” ego is puffed up.

God had already chosen, anointed, and proven that Moses was the leader, yet Korah wanted to be the new leader of the Israelites. Gathering the Reubenites to join him, he began murmuring, which escalated into a full roar of mutiny. Satan loves it when we grumble and better when we gather others to follow us. Jude describes the scenario. They dream and defile the flesh in their rejection of authority. They are divisive and devoid of the Spirit.

Moses, a man of humility, “fell down with his face to the ground.” Korah, a rebel, “fell down when the earth opened up and swallowed him and his family.”

What is the price one pays when they reject God’s anointed?

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