Can’t is not an option for kingdom workers!

When God calls, can't is not an option

Numbers 14 Can’t or Won’t?

God gave the Israelites a promise of land filled with milk and honey and sent twelves spies to check his truthfulness.  Two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, came back with a glorious report.  “Let us go up and take possession.” They were saying if God is with us, we can do it.  However, ten of the spies returned, saying although the land is good, there are giants in the land; we can’t do it.

Is this our response to what God calls us to do?

The people had a choice, go up and trust God or reject God’s Promise that He would go with them.  They added to their complaint by saying, “if only we had died in Egypt.”  No pleading by Joshua and Caleb would change their minds.  They kept to their reasoning.  Instead of trusting God, they wanted to choose a new leader and return to Egypt, and their decision brought eternal consequences.  God blessed only Joshua and Caleb to see this land, yet they had to wait for 40 yrs. until all the murmurers had passed away. Those who said we can’t were saying we won’t and thus began, as Chuck Smith noted, the longest funeral march in the history of man.

How do you see God’s plan? Remember this: I can’t is not an option for God’s kingdom workers.

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