The Righteous One is Spared

God's grace

Ezekiel 24 Mrs. Ezekiel was to die according to God’s plan. He doesn’t tell us why but Ezekiel obeyed just as God told him to do when she died. She was righteous, unlike Nadab and Abihu, who committed a flagrant sin. Moses told Aaron he could not mourn, and he obeyed. God told God Ezekiel the same thing; you are not to mourn, and he did not. He went about his day just as if it were any other day. Why would God tell us not to mourn over the death of loved ones? Perhaps it is because God’s heart is so broken at the anguish in the heart of the righteous that He removes them lest they live through any more heartache. That is what grace is all about. She had been taken captive, walked thousands of miles to a city unknown to her, saw the unrepentant elders as they listened to her husband, and saw the despair of her people. We really don’t know, but in God’s love, He took her to heaven, and there she sits at the feet of Yahweh. God spared her heart any more anguish. Amid this heartbreak, Ezekiel is told not to mourn, and he obeyed.

How easy is it for us to obey when we can see all of God’s plan, and how hard is it for us to obey even when we do not understand?

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