Standing, Praying, Repairing

Standing in the gap

Ezekiel 22 –Jeremiah 5 – Nehemiah 2

How important is prayer today as we see our nation and the people stumbling? Nehemiah returned to the city of Jerusalem and found the walls breached and the people without hope. He gathered the residents to repair the wall, and when the enemies sought to undermine, they gathered together armed to resist. He established a routine to rebuild the wall and completed it in 52 days! Today God is searching for that Nehemiah to repair what is broken spiritually, and it begins by praying for our nation, which is full of the hurt, the needy, and the lost.

God challenged Ezekiel and Jeremiah to go and search for one faithful man to stand in the gap. Paul told the Corinthians that they were the stewards of the mysteries of God. The message has not changed, the method has not changed, but the people’s hearts need to be changed.

Will you and I be found faithful to be that agent of change? Are we standing in the gap of the wall? Are we busy about the business of prayer in our churches? Nehemiah challenged the people to rebuild and they responded

               “Let’s begin rebuilding right away” [ Nehemiah 2:18 ]

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