“God is Faithful”

God is faithful to keep His promises

Ezekiel 15 to 18 In the NT, Jesus told parables about things or people. He said people will hear yet won’t perceive. Ezekiel also used parables so the people would listen to God’s Word and perhaps glean a truth for life.

Parable: #1 In the branch parable, we see a branch full of life thrown into the fire. Life without God is like the fires of hell. #2 In the unfaithful bride parable, we see a rags to riches story. God takes us from the gutter and bestows his blessings, yet the world’s lure is always at the doorstep of our heart. Be on guard! #3 In the parable about the eagle, we see that God raised Nebuchadnezzar, who deported the people to Babylon, leaving a vassal king who swore to honor the king in charge. Yet, the vassal grew impatient and soon rebelled. Eccl 5:4 “When you make a vow, do not delay in paying it.” #4 In the parable of the two sons, we see a family whose lives mirrored the NT story. The younger was restless and disrespectful of his father. Seeking his inheritance, he left and walked the world. The older son served his father but with an ungrateful heart. The younger returned and sought reconciliation, but the older remained unforgiving.

God had blessed Israel, but she was unfaithful. Yet, like the prodigal’s father, God was always waiting to restore the relationship because He is a covenant keeper, and unlike us, His covenant is everlasting. [Ezek 16:60]

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