Incomplete obedience is disobedience.

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2Chronicles 19-23 How often do we know the right thing to do but instead, we falter, waver, and do not follow through.

Jehoshaphat is a man of divided loyalties. He is all in for God until something catches his eye. Then he falters, wavers, and takes the wrong route. How like us. When all is going well, he draws the people back to God, prays like Solomon but then, in the time of peace, he foolishly aligns himself with Ahab’s son, King Ahaziah of Israel. God is gracious to send us warnings as he did Jehoshaphat: Eliezer, son of Dodavahu from Mareshah, prophesied against Jehoshaphat, “Because you made an alliance with Ahaziah, the Lord will shatter what you have made.” And so it came to pass; the king’s ships were destroyed. 

God sends us pictures or warnings to get our attention. Sometimes we pay attention, but sometimes we fail, and we pay the price.

What is the life principle out of all this? The words of Joshua and James come forth: Choose ye this day whom you will serve, but for me and my house we will serve the Lord. And So whoever knows what is good to do and does not do it is guilty of sin. [Joshua 24:15; James 4:17]

Another verse comes to mind: Is 7:9 If your faith does not remain firm, then you will not remain secure.

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