Do NOT Compromise

Do not compromise

1 Kings 22, 2 Chronicles 18 and we might add 2Chron 19:2-3 to this reading.

In these chapters, we read about the end of the wicked king Ahab in battle. The prophet Micaiah’s words came true. In addition, God reveals to us the character quality of a double-minded man in King Jehoshaphat. He was basically one of the good kings of Judah, but he had a fault. He compromised and allied himself with King Ahab. After Ahab dies and Jehoshaphat is returning home, the prophet Jehu meets him with this question: “Is it right to help the wicked and be an ally of those who oppose the Lord? Because you have done this, the Lord is angry with you! Nevertheless, you have done some good things; you removed the Asherah poles from the land, and you were determined to follow God.

Like Jehoshaphat, when we compromise and do not call sin, a sin and we fail to stand strong and stand apart from the crowd, we pay the price. James wrote about this: a double-minded man is one whose faith is weak, is a doubter, and wavers. That was Jehoshaphat. Over and over we see this played out in times past and in our own country. When we fail to call sin, a sin we reap the fruit of unrighteousness.

Life lesson: do not make alliances with evil; you will pay the price down the road.

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