Trusting God!

Our prayer to God

Psalms 3-4, 12-13, 28, 55

Oh how family members become the ache in our hearts!! We have raised them the best we could, yet they stray so far from the values, beliefs, morals we taught them. When they practice folly, pride, lusts, and evil, our hearts are reminded of our own mistakes and regrets for wrong choices. Yet, though all of that can be understood as a human trait, the deepest heartache is watching your children walk away from the Lord! Thus, Absolom broke David’s heart.

How did David respond? He was crushed!!! This is when grey hairs, worry lines appear and vigor wanes. The one and only top-of-the-top desire of parents is for their children to love the Lord!!!
Pray! Pray! Pray! God is God of all but reigns individually in the open hearts of people who put their faith in Him. He is still above and over the ache in our hearts for our children, regardless of their age. Trust Him with their lives.

Author: S. Stansfield

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