“Which or Witch?”

Which or "witch"

1Samuel 28 Witches are products of an ungodly society and should be avoided every “witch” way we can. But, our society now, as it was in the days of Saul, seems to glorify them as we see on Halloween. Faced with the enemy all around him, Saul wants to know what lay ahead. Instead of repenting of his sin and humbling himself before God, he seeks answers every way but God’s way. By his own words, Saul recognizes that “God does not answer me anymore— not by prophets or by dreams.” [1Sam 28:15]

David Guzik explains: “God will not always answer everyone who seeks Him; not when a man is in a place of judgment as Saul is. King Saul has rejected and is currently rejecting God’s previously revealed will. Since Saul didn’t care to obey God in what he already knew, God will not give him more to know.”

What is the moral of this story? You can seek answers to your questions every “witch” way you want, or you can humble yourself before God and wait on His answer. In his distress and state of panic Saul recognized God had left him but he was unwilling to repent and get right with God first. We get to that place too, when we fail to put God first. 

The life lesson for us is this: “seek the Lord and the strength He gives. Seek His presence continually.” [Ps 24:6] Saul did not.

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