Truth Always Wins & Lying Always Loses

God hates lying

1Samuel 22 – 23 God Hates Lying!

David lies to save his skin, and an evil man takes that lie and compounds the sin to a greater extent. No lie is acceptable in God’s eyes. David even said, “I knew that day when Doeg the Edomite was there that he would certainly tell Saul! I am guilty of all the deaths in your father’s (speaking to Abiathar) house.” That was the Holy Spirit’s conviction. Why did David not seek the provision of the Lord in a time of need? Why do we not seek the provision of the Lord when we, too, are in a time of need? What a tangled web we weave when we first seek to deceive is a true adage. Later, David would write: “Remove from me the way of lying and grant me Your law graciously.” (Ps 119:29) As the priest questions David, fear became the guiding factor. Like David we too are guilty before God when we fear for our very life, but God’s grace is greater than our sin.  

Why is that we do not trust God in every situation? Why are we so careless? How many lives are lost because of a little white lie or a bald-faced lie as in David’s case? Oh Lord, convict us this day; hold us accountable for the words we echo forth. Father, keep our tongue from lying; may only truth come forth from our lips—no matter what lay ahead. That is why we need to pray this often!

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