When Life is Spinning…

Trusting God when life seems out of control

1Sam 19-20, Ps 11, Ps 59 Run to God

David as the newly appointed servant of the king finds himself in a quandary. Life was so simple in the field with the sheep that trusted him implicitly, yet now he is commander over men. David penned the words of Ps 23: “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.” That was before but now after a victory lap over the enemy Goliath, David’s life has been turned upside down. He no longer has the quiet and solitude of the pastures and the hills of Israel. Instead, David finds himself in a palace and then to a war zone. He no longer hears only the bleating of sheep but the cacophony of palace sounds and city noises. Sheep trusted him, but men are fickle, and that includes the king who is fraught with a distressing spirit from the Lord. If this sounds like you and what you are facing, and you are wondering how to respond, take notes from David’s journal.

Do as David did. Run to God, for He loves you and will help you. He is your ‘source of strength; He is your refuge.’ [Ps 59:17] In Him you can take shelter because while the winds blow hither and thither, God ‘is in his holy temple, his throne is in heaven.’ [Ps 11:4] The world may change, but God remains steadfastly secure.

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