“The Scoundrel and the Scam Artist”

God has the answer

Luke 18 Yesterday Luke introduced us to the “freak, geek and the seek(er).” Today Luke shares another group of citizens: the “scoundrel and the scam artist.” First we meet a widow who encounters the “scoundrel” who is an unjust judge who cared little about God or man. She also is taken in by the “scam artist” who has bilked her out of her savings. The world is full of these unsavory characters. The judge understands his own character yet sees no need or desire to change and the scam artist thinks he has gotten away with the widow’s pension. But, it is the widow’s persistence that wins out in the end. She gets her reprieve and the scam artist gets his due.

So what is the point? The last line in the parable asks: Will the Son of Man find faith when He returns? God is looking for those who will come to He who can change circumstances and people to help His chosen ones. The key is faith.  God is looking for those who will be like Joseph, faithful in and out of circumstances, EVEN when the answer is no, sometimes wait, and sometimes yes.

You may be facing scoundrels or even scam artists.  First be shrewd and patient. Secondly, persist in prayer. Thirdly, trust God even if His answering machine seems to be cluttered! He will answer in His perfect time with His perfect response.  

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