Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Who are you?

Matt 26-28 With his detailed observation skills, Matthew recalls the last week of the earthly life of our Lord. He now recalls his notes on two people, Judas and Mary. Judas was a taker with his embezzling self-seeking heart, whereas Mary was a giver of the most expensive gift of the oil poured out.   

Judas would be revealed along with the religious leaders, as those who would conveniently erase Ex 20:13 “You shall not murder.” Judas would forever be known as the betrayer of innocent blood when he said to the religious leaders—what will you give me to betray Him. Mary would be forever remembered as the one who came and anointed Jesus for his burial. Jesus remarked that she would be remembered for what she did whenever the gospel is proclaimed in the whole world.

Charles Spurgeon was right when he asked: What do men think of a love which never shows itself in action? Judas never loved Jesus, but Mary loved with abandon.

What say you regarding your words, I love the Lord Jesus?

What do your actions say about these words?

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