“God’s Message is like a Fire”

God's message

Jeremiah 20 Today instead of street-corner preachers, we have live-streamed preachers that tell us all is well IF we send in money to keep that program on the air or buy their books. The years may be different, but people still need to hear what Jeremiah’s placard said: “Repent now!” 

The people laughed at Jeremiah’s placard because they didn’t want to hear Jeremiah and his prophecy.  Even the priest Pashur made fun of Jeremiah and had him flogged and put in stocks to become the laughingstock of all passersby. Yes, it was just another “Alexander/Jeremiah terrible, no good, very bad day” for Jeremiah.

As the moon and stars appear, Jeremiah had a tough talk with God.

“I told you I don’t know how to speak; I am too young! Look at where I am!


Sometimes in the quiet of the evening hours and being alone with our thoughts, we begin like Jeremiah to whine and then to reflect. Our hearts begin to soften, and we tell God; your message is like a fire burning within me. It is locked inside of me, and it burns in my heart and soul. Even though I am so tired, I will continue to warn them.

Can you relate to Jeremiah? He wanted to quit but he couldn’t. He heard himself saying why don’t you hang it up; life would be so much easier. But God’s message was like a fire in his heart?

Is it in yours?

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