“Are We Fishers of Men?”

Feed the Flock

John 21 What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Do you chill out with food or binge on TV? For Peter, who had not a clue what was next, he returned to fishing, which is where our story picks up. It is familiar territory where life is simple. What is “the doing” for you?

The story unfolds in the early hours of the day when the sun is just creeping over the horizon. A voice almost sarcastically says, ‘you don’t have any fish, do you?’ Translation, what a wasted night you have had. But in obedience, just like before, the net is moved, and fish swim into the net. The disciple Jesus loved, a.k.a. John recognizes that this had to be the work of the Master. On the shore, the Master has prepared breakfast, but it isn’t until after breakfast that we see the whole purpose of this time together.

Jesus begins his work of restoration for Peter with three simple basic questions but with precise instructions. May we glean the instructions for ourselves.

Turning to Peter three times, He reminds him that He called him to be a fisher of men. That is our reminder too! Three times Jesus asks: Do you love me? Go and feed my lambs, shepherd my sheep, and feed my sheep. Jesus is saying my instructions are not to just any lambs, but “MY” lambs. Not just any sheep, but “MY” sheep. I am calling you and am leaving you to do “MY” work amongst the flock. Do you love me more than x, y, z?  

Jesus asks us those same three questions. Feed/Shepherd/Feed the ones I have called, wrapped in my love, and kept from the enemy. Will you do that?

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