Proverbs 15 to 18: Self Questions

Through four long chapters headed as “contrasts of the blessed and the wicked,” we are confronted with the heart. Ten times Solomon uses the heart as his visual image. We may think we know our heart but in reality, only the Lord knows it. Jeremiah noted: ‘the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked..{Jeremiah asks: who can know it?} and he answers: The Lord searches the heart’ [Jer 17:9-10, emphasis mine] Our heart is revealed in how we respond to others in our countenance, our speech, and actions.

Lots and lots of questions come to mind as we read these four long chapters. Is today a day for my heart to do kingdom work? Is my ‘to-do’ list long even in lockdown or isolation mandated by our government officials? Do my marketing list and errands govern me or do they guide me to honor Him as I am out and about in my world? Does my heart seek to glorify God even in the everyday task of the home laundry basket? 

As you ponder your day try some self-evaluation:

Did I stop to ask the Lord what His plans would be for me? 

Did I ask him to guard my tongue and direct my steps?

God knows all, and He will evaluate our motives and our heart. Therefore, “Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.” [Prov 4:23]

 May this be our prayer for today: 

What wilt Thou have me to do today that will bring you pleasure?

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