Wisdom is Like a Diamond

Wisdom is precious like a diamond

Prov 20 Wisdom is like a precious jewel, like a diamond, with many facets. Proverb’s author has been not just observing life, but he also recognizes that today’s decisions reflect what God has shown him in His Word. For example: “wine is a mocker.” That is what we call a metonymy, where we substitute a character quality for a concept. The wine itself cannot mock, but imbibing without care brings one to make a mockery of what God says. Again observing a king in his terrifying anger could be compared to the roar of a lion. Both terrify the person on the receiving end and the king’s rage reveals his lack of wisdom.

As you read each chapter in Proverbs, stop and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His truth for your decisions.  As you ask questions and dig for the truth, the Holy Spirit will open your heart to he wants you to glean and apply to your life. Seek His wisdom to determine the spiritual principle. Beware of self-deception, which is denying the truth that is before you. James explained it this way: “he is like someone who gazes at his face in a mirror. He gazes at himself and then goes out and immediately forgets what sort of person he was…” [James 1:24-25]

Proverbs is full of wisdom “jewels,” or precious diamonds, but just as a jeweler uses a unique lens to determine its many facets, it takes a discerning eye to distinguish between the perfect and the imperfect.

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