A Diary Entry

Psalm 55  Do you keep a diary? How about a journal? What are your reasons?

David’s diary this day recorded his feelings of dismay when a confidant spoke against him both privately and publicly. When have you been betrayed? What is your first thought, and what are your first actions? Is it to humiliate the person, or is it to let God take care of it?

Amid his dismay, David didn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve or in his countenance. Instead, David wrote his thoughts in the privacy of his diary. You can write to your heart’s content exactly how you feel and how you think and sometimes how you act. Just because it is private at the moment, after we pass on, others may release it to the world. Thus, David leaves us a model to follow—do not name your accusers or your friends or your enemy. But, do write to release your emotions and thoughts about the situation. Always begin by approaching the throne of God in prayer.

David writes: Oh, God, hear my prayer for mercy.  Please pay attention to my appeal and answer me!

Then when you have exhausted your thoughts on paper, leave the results to God and do as David did:  trust in God.

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