Jungle Prayers

Psalm 57-59 There is a jungle out there; not a literal jungle, but a jungle of hatred and evil. For David, it was enemies and a king trying to kill him. Thus how pertinent is this group of psalms to our day today! These psalms include David’s thoughts of asking God to invoke judgment upon his enemies.  Even in his trials, David relied upon God to handle his adversity, enemies, and also as Ps 57 notes, corrupt judges. David always went to God when he faced troubling times. The question for us is, do we go to God in our trials?

David counted on that God alone is the avenger and not he, which is a truth we need to employ as we in our world of unjust judges or leaders. David pours out his heart and then says in Ps 57:7, “I am determined, O God. I am determined. I will sing and praise you.” He ends this imprecatory psalm by saying, “May your splendor cover the whole earth.” 

Dr. Constable writes: “Life sometimes seems similar to a jungle with wild beasts threatening to devour hostile hunters trying to trap us. Nevertheless, the godly can count on supernatural assistance and can rejoice in ultimate salvation. In the meantime, we should live for the glory of God.”

Are you facing a jungle today? May I pray for you?

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