“Have you Planned for Your Retirement”


Do you know that there is no retirement in the Bible, right? When you are dating, did you talk about this subject? Probably not, but then again, some are forward thinkers and were thinking about that subject. Even God thought about retirement. In Numbers 8, he provided retirement for the Levites after the age of 50. They were to retire from performing the work of carrying the tent materials.

How does one prepare for that stage of life? The psalmist [Ps 71] looked back and noted “that he had leaned upon God since birth,” so he knew that God would sustain him in his old age when his strength failed. He and God were close friends. They walked and talked together each day, much like Enoch. Like the retired Levites, we are to share our wisdom with the younger generation. [Psalm 78] Are you developing the habit of teaching the younger generation about God? As a retired person, are you looking for ways to mentor the next generation—even if you don’t have grandchildren!  

How’s your attitude? They say if you are a grumbler in your younger days, you will be a grumbler in your old age. Start now to develop an attitude of gratitude now so you will be a joy in your old age.

May I ask: Do you know God like that?

Check out David Austin’s blog post on this topic: https://blogs.bible.org/director/david_austin/retirement_whats_next

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