Nehemiah 4 to 6 How to Fight the Spiritual Battle

    Many are in quarantine and isolated in many different ways and are missing the human touch of friends and family. Our arch-enemy seeks to use this to his advantage, but remember our God is greater than he. The church building may be closed, but the church is rising out of the ashes to bring new converts into the kingdom. Spiritual battles are not new; Nehemiah faced the onslaught of the enemy there in Jerusalem. When God opens doors for us to work, Satan seeks to come in and destroy. Satan does his work both without and within. If he can’t win using unbelievers, he will try to win using the people of God.    But through it, he lived 1 Cor 15: “be ye steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.” The secret that Nehemiah had and we have is the weapon of prayer. Nehemiah 4:4 “Hear, O our God for we are despised…” The enemy sought to destroy through fear, but God enabled through the enthusiasm of his servant Nehemiah. He prayed: “Strengthen my hands!” [Nehemiah 6:9] and “the people were enthusiastic in their work.” [Nehemiah 4:6]When we are a “team” working on a project bathed in prayer against the enemy, “God frustrates their intentions.” [Nehemiah 4:15]

While all of that was happening, Nehemiah remained a man of prayer.

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