The Man Jabez & His Prayer

1Chron 4 As we ponder the many names listed in chapters 3 and 4 we come away with a yawn until we reach chapter 4. Of all the names listed, only Jabez is listed with a full description of his birth and a prayer he offered. He stands out amongst the others because of his pure heart.

First, he was respected or held in honorable estimation more than his brothers and that his mother birthed him in great pain but we are left to surmise the reasons. We know that Jabez called out to the God of Israel in sharp contrast to the culture about him.  He was spiritually alert to God and His workings in his life. He sought Him in a time when his need was great. In his plea, he asked God to greatly bless him and expand his territory. Jabez asks God to expand his territory for more opportunities. Do we pray that God gives us more opportunities to glorify Him?  Jabez believed this: “Lord, first, above all else, let there be this consciousness that you are my God; that I belong to you and you belong to me.” [Ray Stedman]

Jabez turned to God. He believed in the God of Israel. His prayer was that of a heart that was pure. His one desire was to honor God.  Jabez believed as James says “without doubting” that God would transform his life for His glory and “God answered his prayer.” We can learn much from this simple man for our ministry today.

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