“Grace Abundantly Flowing”

Unsplash Grace by Priscilla du Preez

2Samuel 9 Ever watched Mission Impossible? Those are fake, but this story is real! A bit of history here: for centuries, when a new king arose, he executed the remaining family members of the former king. David could have followed the pattern of others, but he is not like others. David had made a pretty significant promise to his best friend Jonathan, now dead, to care for any of his remaining family members. Imagine yourself as the one remaining son of Jonathan. What will the new king do? 

Enter in the spy named Ziba, who happens to know that disabled Jonathan’s son, whose name you can hardly pronounce, Mephibosheth, was in hiding. This is where grace enters the equation. In fear and trembling, Mephibosheth is called to the palace expecting the worst but hearing the best news ever. He will be given the land of his father and will be seated (said four times) at the king’s table for the rest of his life.

Mephibosheth is like us as unbelievers hiding from the king. We know as the family of the former king; our head is on the chopping block. However, Jesus is the true king, and like David, he extends his grace. King Jesus sends, Ziba, a.k.a the Holy Spirit, to find us and bring us home to his palace.  We fear the worst, but hear you will eat and drink at my table in my kingdom. Do we deserve it? No, but God’s grace is poured out on us called salvation, and now we can be in His presence forever. 

Are you a Mephibosheth? King Jesus is sending the Holy Spirit to rescue you if you accept his invite.

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