It Isn’t Just Faith!

Jeremiah 47 to 49  The countries of Moab and Ammon had been protected for centuries by the mighty hand of God. When the children of Israel left Egypt, God said they could not walk on their ground or even ask for a morsel of bread from them. And so,  Moab and Ammon stood by and watched as Israel walked on by. Just because Israel was forbidden to ask does not mean Moab and Ammon could not have offered. Yet, they never offered a crumb or a drop of water.

Centuries later when the Babylonians entered Israel their hatred rose to new heights. They waited until the land was stripped bare. Then like looters, they sought to take possession of the land and its riches. God’s anger rose in his nostrils. This time God would no longer protect them but allow them to be treated as they had treated Israel. They would feel the pain of the Babylonians as well, in fact so much so that today there is not a remnant of them to be found.

jeremiah 47 to 49 meeting needs1a

These chapters remind us of the story of the rich man and Lazarus of Luke 16. The rich man walked by Lazarus each day to and from his duties elsewhere. He never offered a crumb of bread to the beggar Lazarus who laid at his gate. He had much but offered nothing. When death darkened the door of each man, only one was found in Paradise: Lazarus.

Beloved, when God places those in need at our doorstep, we must reach out and offer that crumb. God is watching.

We reveal our faith by what we do not just by what we say.

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