Every Parent’s Dream

Isaiah 54:13 is every parent’s dream.

“All your children will be followers of the Lord, and your children will enjoy great prosperity (peace)”

Parents bring children into this world amidst oohs and ahhs and oh how cute. But, then the reality hits, babies not only desire but command attention 24/7. They want to be fed, changed and loved. They need this to grow and feel secure. Isaiah writes this promise to Israel and it applies to us as well.

isaiah 54 13.2a


But just because God puts a promise in His word does not negate our responsibility to help that child achieve that promise. Helping children to become Jesus’ follower’s or disciple means we as parents need to not just love them but teach them His Word and what it means to be a follower or a disciple. It means we teach them to obey us. We spend time reading and teaching God’s Word to them and model meditating and memorizing that Word as well. Deut 6 says to use every opportunity to teach and speak of God’s Word.  Just as Jesus’ earthly parents went to Jerusalem every year for the Passover we must take our children to church—not send them but go with them. We just choose to “raise them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” [Eph 6] If you dream that your child be a Christ-follower then you as the parent must hunger and thirst for His Word. (Matt 5)

God has given a promise; will we claim it?

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